SchemDraw documentation

SchemDraw is a Python package for producing high-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams. Circuit elements are added, one at a time, similar to how you might draw them by hand, using Python methods.

For example,

d.add(elm.RES, d='right', label='1$\Omega$')

Will add a resistor, to Drawing d, going to the right with a label of “1Ω”. The next element added to the drawing will start at the endpoint of the resistor. Display the results using the draw method.

d.add(elm.RES, d='right', label='1$\Omega$')
d.add(elm.CAP, d='down', label='10$\mu$F')
d.add(elm.LINE, d='left')
d.add(elm.SOURCE_SIN, d='up', label='10V')