Change Log

v0.19 - (unreleased)

  • Added scalex and scaley for asymmetric zooming/scaling of Elements

  • Added ElementImage for placing PNG and SVG images as an Element

  • Added pictorial elements

  • Fixed tox and toy methods when the Elemnet defines a theta

  • Fixed vertical offset of labels below an Element

  • Fixed reversing of CurrentLabel.

v0.18 - 2023-12-29

  • Automatically increase size of flowchart boxes to fit the text

  • Added Container element to automatically draw a box around a group of elements

  • Internally track drawing state so that d.add or d += is no longer necessary when adding elements inside a context manager

  • Default element attributes may be set using Element.defaults dictionary. For example, to fill all Diodes, set elm.Diode.defaults[‘fill’] = True.

New Elements:
  • Lamp2

  • Terminal

Other changes:
  • BREAKING: Subclasses of ElementCompound must add Segments inside a setup method instead of in __init__. The inner_element and outer_element parameters of TwoPort now accept classes instead of instances of those classes.

v0.17 - 2023-06-03

New Elements:
  • Tristate inverter (credit: Jan Genoe)

  • NMos and PMos elements (credit: dtmaidenmueller)

  • AnalogNFet, AnalogPFet, AnalogBiasedFet

  • DataBusLine

  • CurrentMirror, VoltageMirror

  • Nullator, Norator, VMCMPair

  • Compound twoport elements (ElementTwoport base class):
    • TwoPort

    • VoltageTransactor

    • TransimpedanceTransactor

    • CurrentTransactor

    • TransadmittanceTransactor

    • Nullor

  • Added arguments for length/width of CurrentLabel arrows (credit: Christian Seigel)

  • Added config option for setting whitespace margins

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed regression bug in logicparse where labels were not drawn on inputs/outputs

  • Fix timing diagrams when async times are longer than the wave

  • Fixed default style hierarchy on segments

  • Fixed CurrentLabel placement with transistor elements, now follows biasing current

  • Fixed CurrentLabel positioning for elements with no center anchor

Other changes:
  • Deprecated positional direction parameter to Element class.

  • Add nonglobal rotation mode attribute to SegmentText

v0.16 - 25-Mar-2023

  • Added canvas parameter to Drawing and draw method, and deprecated backend parameter.

  • Removed elements argument from Drawing. Use Drawing.add_elements.

  • Added Drawing.set_anchor to define anchor points, useful for ElementDrawing instances.

  • Added shunt resistor symbol Rshunt

  • Fixed lead length of XOR gates to align with OR gates

  • Fixed greater and less than symbols in SVG backend

  • Fixed some anchor positions on flowchart symbols

  • Allow font parameter to be the path of a TTF file

  • Removed old deprecations

  • Replaced with setup.cfg

v0.15 - 20-Jun-2022

  • Added DSP elements Circulator, Isolator, VGA

  • Added ZLabel element for right-angle impedance arrow labels

  • Changed DSP anchor names from ‘in’ to ‘input’ to avoid conflict with ‘in’ keyword

  • Fixed styles with nested ElementDrawing elements

  • Fixed zorder of filled elements in Matplotlib backend

  • Added mathfont parameter to labels for specifying different font on math labels

  • Added padx and pady parameters to Encircle elements

  • Moved SVG backend configuration to svgconfig object and deprecated ‘settextmode’.

  • Added ‘visible’ parameter to Segment objects

v0.14 - 09-Jan-2022

  • Added context manager to Drawing class.

  • Added Wire element for quick 90-degree connections

  • Added Encircle, EncircleBox, and Annotate elements

  • Added Wheatstone, Rectifier, SparkGap elements

  • Added “2T” version of transistor elements for placement as as two-terminal elements

  • tox and toy methods automatically change drawing direction, removing need to specify right() and tox(), for example.

  • Added istart and iend anchors to 2-Terminal elements for defining inner start and end points before lead extensions

  • Added dot and idot methods to two-terminal elements

  • Added ‘-o’ and ‘-|’ arrow types to draw dot or endcap instead of arrow at the end of lines

  • Added leads parameter to OpAmp for adding lead extensions

  • Added lead parameter to Grounds, Vss, and Vdd

  • Added optional dx and dy parameters to to and at methods for quick fine-tuning of placement

  • Added optional length parameter to up, down, left, and right on two-terminal elements

  • Improved placement of CurrentLabel arrows

  • Fix default label position on Vss element

  • Fix positioning of switch contact bubbles

  • Fix text rotation in svg backend and path mode

  • The scale method now maintains the length of two-terminal elements

v0.13 - 19-Dec-2021

  • Added Digital Timing Diagram elements

  • Added Table and Kmap elements

  • Added Arc2, Arc3, ArcN, ArcZ, ArcLoop elements, useful for state machine diagrams

  • Added drop method to Element class to specify where to leave the drawing position

  • Added move_from method to Drawing class to move relative to another element anchor

  • Added more anchors to all flowchart elements

  • Improved layout of flowchart elements. May affect layout of some existing flowchart diagrams.

  • Added SegmentBezier for creating elements with curves

  • Deprecated SegmentArrow in favor of Segment with arrow parameter

v0.12 - 05-Nov-2021

  • Fixed Arrow and LineDot element placement when placed with anchor

  • Fixed copy/pickle of Element class

  • Fixed importing * from schemdraw.elements

v0.11 - 10-Jul-2021

  • Fixed placing elements by anchor when anchors were defined using a tuple rather than Point

  • SVG backend adds option for SVG1.x format for better compatibility with SVG renderers

  • Restore compabitliiby with Python 3.7 via conditional import of typing_extensions.

v0.10 - 30-Apr-2021

  • Added options to place labels inside Mixer elements

  • Fixed arrowhead overshoot

  • Fixed get_imagedata function

  • Update pip install to include optional dependencies

  • Added ziamath optional dependency for rendering math in SVG backend

  • Added LoopArrow as superclass of LoopCurrent, for placing a loop anywhere

v0.9.1 - 30-Jan-2021

  • Fixed missing module in

v0.9 - 30-Jan-2021

  • Added optional SVG backend for drawing directly to an SVG image

  • Implemented method-chaining “fluent” interface for building elements

  • Added method for setting U.S. or European/IEC resistor style

  • Added parameter for drawing schematic on existing matplotlib axis

  • Added string parser for creating logic diagrams from expressions like “A or B”

  • Fixed zooming of arc segments

  • Added type annotations

  • Added Drawing.move method for moving cursor by dx and dy.

  • Drawing class implements += operator, so elements can be added by Drawing += Element()

  • Removed dependency on Numpy

  • Added Drawing.interactive` to allow element-by-element drawing with Matplotlib’s plt.ion().

  • Now requires Python 3.8+

  • New Elements:
    • CPE (Constant Phase Element)

    • Varactor

    • FuseIEEE

    • FuseIEC

    • SwitchRotary

    • SwitchReed

    • Jack

    • Plug

    • Ic555

    • IcDIP

    • SevenSegment

    • Outlet Elements

  • Deprecations:
    • Element.add_label is deprecated (use Element.label)

    • Drawing.loopI is deprecated (add a LoopCurrent element)

    • Drawing.labelI is deprecated (add a CurrentLabel element)

    • Drawing.labelI_inline is deprecated (add a CurrentLabelInline element)

v0.8 - 15-Aug-2020

  • Changed Header anchors to pinN for consistency with Ic.

  • Improved label placement with respect to anchor positions.

  • Prevent duplicate figures from showing in Jupyter Element representation

  • Improvements for headless server operation to prevent popup window

  • Added some undocumented features to documentation

  • Added Drawing.get_imagedata function for returning raw image bytes

  • Fixed pip installation issue with module capitalization. Must import lowercase schemdraw.

v0.7.1 - 26-Jun-2020

  • Bug fix: restore usage outside of Jupyter, so that Matplotlib window is shown when calling Drawing.draw().

v0.7 - 21-Jun-2020

  • Dropped support for Python 2. Now requires 3.7+.

  • Elements are now subclasses of Element. Previous (dict) element names are translated into new class names. Any user-defined elements will need to be converted to classes. The group_elements function is replaced with ElementDrawing class.

  • Allow fontsize or size keyword arguments interchangeably in Drawing and add_label

  • Updated flow.Decision to use keyword arguments for labeling decision branches

  • The Ic element label offset parameter changed from lblofst to lofst to avoid conflict with the main element label.

  • Direct access to Drawing.fig and are no longer available. Instead, Drawing.draw() returns a schemdraw.Figure instance with fig and ax attributes.

  • Implemented Jupyter representation functions for both Drawing and Element classes.

  • New Elements:
    • Coax

    • Triax

    • SwitchDpst

    • SwitchDpdt

    • Relay

    • Optocoupler

    • Arrow

    • LineDot

    • Breaker

    • OrthoLines

    • RightLines

    • BusConnect

    • BusLine

    • Tag

    • Photoresistor

    • PhotoresistorBox

    • Thermistor

    • DiodeShockley

    • PotBox

    • RBoxVar

    • Solar

    • Neon

    • SourceSquare

    • AntennaLoop

    • AntennaLoop2

    • AudioJack

    • Tgate

    • Schmitt

    • SchmittNot

    • SchmittAnd

    • SchmittNand

v0.6.0, 11-Feb-2020

  • Refactored internals to allow more control over individual components of drawing. Should have no effect unless the user is accessing internal attributes of the Element object. This also adds the segments list to the Element object, which allows finer control over individual bits of the drawing.

  • Updated add_label so that “top” labels should always appear on top, regardless of flip/reverse

  • Swapped the direction of current sources, so that a current source with direction “up” has the arrow pointing up.

  • Added “zorder” parameter in the element definition dictionary and add method

  • Added elements.ic and elements.multiplexer functions as replacements to blackbox and mux. These include more functionality such as adjusting indiviudal pin rotation, color, and inverter bubbles.

  • Labels can be placed relative to an anchor position using the add_label method. This could be useful, for example, in labeling pin numbers on a logic gate or opamp.

  • Added new anchors to OPAMPs for power supply and offset nulls.

  • New Elements:
    • MIC

    • MOTOR

  • Documentation:
    • Upgraded documentation to Sphinx and moved to at

    • Changed preferred import to import SchemDraw.elements as elm. Apparently some people still use import * with pylab; this suggestion will help avoid conflicts.

v0.5.0, 21-Jul-2019
  • Added flowcharting symbol methods to SchemDraw.flow module

  • Added signal processing symbols to SchemDraw.dsp module

  • Implemented fill parameter on Drawing.add to fill shapes and closed paths with a solid color

  • New elements:
    • Fuse

    • CapacitorVar,

    • DiodeTunnel

    • Jfet

    • Diac

    • Triac

    • SCR

v0.4.0, 03-Nov-2018
  • Fixed drawing of NOT and related gates to property extend the path

  • Fixed arrow translation when grouping elements

  • Fixed sidelabels and plabels of blackbox when empty

  • Fixed arc drawing due to change in Matplotlib 2.2 on asymmetric partial arcs

v0.3.0, 03-Jul-2017
  • Added function for drawing multiplexers/demultiplexers

  • Updates to labelI() method to allow reversing arrow and changing length

  • Add CSS to documentation

  • New elements:

    • NFET4

    • PFET4

    • VSS

    • VDD

v0.2.2, 06-Mar-2016
  • Documentation updates

  • New elements:
    • Transformer

    • Josephson Junction (JJ)

v0.2.1, 03-May-2015
  • Fixed anchor names when element overwrites base anchor, such as BJT_PNP.

  • Added showplot keyword to draw() for non-interactive mode.

  • Added 2-collector BJT.

  • Documentation: added gallery of schematics.

v0.2.0, 29-Apr-2015
  • Added default line width argument to drawing() class. Default width is now 1.5.

  • Converted documentation to use all vector-based images

  • Added XKCD-mode example

  • New elements:

    • BAT_CELL


    • BUTTON


    • XTAL



    • ZENER

    • LED2

v0.1.4, 30-Sep-2014
  • Add function to group several elements into one

  • Add blackbox() function to generate box elements with arbitrary inputs

  • Allow element definition to specify label alignment

  • Added linestyle to element kwargs and definition

  • New elements:
    • LED




v0.1.3, 21-Sep-2014
  • Added logic gate elements

  • Added transparent and dpi options to save() function

  • Fixed issues with zooming and rotating elements with arcs

  • LaTeX typesetting uses sans-serif, regular fonts for consistency

v0.1.0, 25-Aug-2014
  • Initial Release