Flowchart Symbols

schemdraw provides basic flowcharting abilities. The schemdraw.flow.flow module contains a set of functions for defining flowchart blocks that can be added to schemdraw Drawings.

from schemdraw import flow

Flowchart blocks:


All flowchart symbols have four anchors named ‘N’, ‘S’, ‘E’, and ‘W’ for the four directions. The schemdraw.elements.intcircuits.Ic element can be used with the flowchart elements to create blocks with multiple inputs/outputs per side if needed.

Flowchart elements must be connected with Line, or Arrow, elements. The w and h parameters must be manually specified to size each block to fit any labels.


To label the decision branches, the schemdraw.flow.flow.Decision element takes keyword arguments for each cardinal direction. For example:

decision = flow.Decision(W='Yes', E='No', S='Maybe').label('Question?')

See the Flowcharting Gallery for more examples.